Do you still want to keep your training up in the heat? Never fear, we’ve got your back! We’ve called on our team to share some of their top tips to keep you cool in the current heatwave!


Wear a hat, or suitable headpiece

 If you’re head’s hot, you’re hot. It’s simple science. It may not be the sexiest look you’ve ever seen but a good cap is a quick road to keeping cool. You don’t need to splash out, even if the on running lightweight cap is fresh as they come. There’s plenty of pocket-friendly options in H&M, or for something slightly tech-ier Decathlon. Or, if you’re really wanting to brownie points, hang tight… we’ve got DISTRICT caps coming back in stock soon. 

Carry Water 

You’d think this would be a given, yet so many choose not to. If it’s on the bike, get a water bottle holder or carry a rucksack. If you’re running, wear a pack or carry one of the handle like bottles (if you can handle the slosh). This really is key during the (short) British summer. Dehydration is not cool (or fun). Looking for one that will see across bike and run, and could even carry you through a HIIT sesh in the park if you wanted? Check out Salomon Advanced Skin 5. It’s practically a second skin!

Pre Hydrate

Hydration isn’t just important on the day itself, it’s the days leading up to it too. Make a real effort to focus on how much water you’re taking on. Perhaps even add some electrolytes to your bottle to help stay on top of the sweat. We’re big fans of High 5.

Wear Sunscreen

Boring, maybe but it’ll save your life (and likely your run/bike). We recommend not scrimping here and aiming for at least factor 30. There’s a number of great ‘sports’ suncream options. A favourite of ours is ‘Coola‘.

Opt for Shade

Tricky we know, but if possible try and seek space that’s shaded. This is often a little easier on the run, as you can stick to parks or trails but where possible, use Strava wisely and try and stay out of that sun! We’d also suggest sharing the route with someone at home, just so there’s a second someone who knows where you’re at. 

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