Are you wondering what to get the CrossFitter in your life for Christmas? Look no further, here is the ultimate CrossFitter Wishlist designed for kitting them out for whichever constantly varied functional movements their gym throws at them. Armed with this list, you’ll have all the gear and all the idea.

1) Reyllen gymnastic grips

Do you have to listen to your fellow CrossFitter complaining about their sore hands after practising their pull-ups? It might be worth purchasing a pair of these grips to help them hang on to the bar for longer during their gymnastics session, without leaving any skin behind!


2) Murgs knee sleeves 

Not just for sore or creaky knees; knee sleeves help to keep the joint warm, whilst also offering compression and support for those squat PBs. Murgs knee sleeves will keep your knees well-cushioned for lunging your way through the WOD.

3) 2Pood weightlifting belts 

Not to be relied on, but a useful tool for those maximal lifts, and helpful to have with you for the next time you do the CrossFit Total. With a range of designs, you can opt for a plain belt that matches all of your gym outfits, or a colourful sequin belt to add some sparkle into your sessions.

4) Nike Metcon 7 

Still lifting in those running shoes? Available in several fun colourways, Nike Metcon 7s offer a more stable base for lifting during a WOD which will help you to escape coach’s calls for you to keep your ‘weight in heels’, and the lace lock-in feature means you won’t have to worry about your laces coming undone during double under practice.

5) Murgs thumb tape 

Thumbs feeling like they’re about to drop off when hook gripping? Protect them with this extra-strong thumb tape. It sticks to everything rather than just itself, meaning that it won’t drop off during dumbbell work and will keep your thumbs intact!

6) Mini Theragun 

If you’re looking to add some recovery into to your evening Netflix routine, this portable device is great for performing soft tissue treatment to help iron out any knots in your aching post-workout muscles, without you even having to move from the comfort of your sofa.

7) Speed ropes (SGF) 

Fully customisable with a range of colours and patterns to choose from, you can create the perfect rope for nailing those double unders and PBing your ‘Annie’ time. Pssst.. we also have customisable DISTRICT ropes available tailored to you!

8) Recovery Room Bodycare 

With an ingredient list based on plant extracts, Recovery Room products are designed to naturally relieve pain and soothe sore muscles. The range includes a hand cream that targets calloused hands, an aromatic bath oil that helps an aching body relax and a natural pain-relief gel containing healing ingredients such as arnica.

9) Stance socks

As well as being extremely comfortable and available in different designs inspired by everything from your favourite movie to your favourite colour; these socks offer your shins protection from rope burns and barbell scrapes too. Take a look at some of their more festive footwear here

10) DISTRICT CrossFit for Christmas Gift

Give the ultimate CrossFit gift this Christmas, in the shape of 5 sessions at DISTRICT – the perfect place to start for CrossFit newbies and also the ideal place to try out all the new goodies and stash listed above! You can buy the sessions right here.