5 of my favourite WOD’s of 2021

So 2021 didn’t start in the gym until April, but it kicked off with a bang and as such, my number 1 was one of the early WODs back. Let me lead you through my 5 favourite class WODs of 2021 so far – in reverse order! If you missed one of these then definitely see if you can give them a go in open gym or in your spare time!

5 – CrossFit Games 2007

We threw this wod in during the lead up to this years CrossFit Games and this 2007 original hopper workout was still a great test!

1000m row buy in


5 Rounds for time of:

25 pull ups

7 push Jerks (50/35)

4 – Push Swing Squat

So this one got spicy around half way through, grip was definitely a challenge and I personally went far to hot out of the gate. A classic triplet but with one movement ascending and the other descending in reps. Super fun and punchy on those shoulders

For Time:

21 Push press

9 US KB Swings

30 Air Squats

18 Push Press

12 US KB Swings

30 Air Squats

15 Push press

15 US KB Swings

30 Air Squats

12 Push Press

18 US KB Swings

30 Air Squats

9 Push Press

21 US KB Swings

3 – The Devil’s Squat

During Lockdown so many of people had access to just one DB. This was one of the first WOD’s back where double DB was required. It was really challenging to go to that standard again… and with the Devil Press!

For Time:


Double DB Devil Press (22.5/15)

Double DB Front Squat

2 – Max Out!

I really love intervals and this one got spicy very fast! Anything with 2 rounds is going to be tough but this was 10 rounds of 90 seconds on/ 30 seconds off. The aim each and every round was push hard to get onto your machine and then go for Max calories. Total calories was the goal.

Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds:

In a 90 second window complete:

3 Single arm Devil Press (22.5/15)

6 Burpees over the DB

3 Single arm DB snatch

Max Cals

1- The Reopen!

The very first WOD back in 2021. April 12th. Most of us hadn’t help a barbell in months and this one was awesome!! A longish AMRAP with a bar in our hands. Lots of sore legs the next day but well worth it to be back in the gym!! Try this one out now and see if it feels better or worse than back in April.


12 Front Squats (40/30)

4 Hang Power cleans

21/18 cals