Meet our new training structure, one tailored to tackle your goals and help you get more from your training.

Why have we done this?

“We created this new training structure to help our clients achieve their goals, whilst ensuring we are building strong sustainable athletes. It’s all very well coming to class and smashing yourself silly, but if your goals are not long term, you can never expect to continue evolving. These new plans will allow our members to focus on the long run and continue to grow stronger, both mentally and physically over the months dedicated to the programme.” John Maxwell, DISTRICT Co-founder

The Plans


The programme for you if you want to see your lifting numbers climb quickly, this is the program for you. The focus will be on top-end strength, driving towards new 1RMs and breaking through plateaus. Recommended for those of us who are looking to get strong sustainably!


This is the programme for those who want to build a better-looking body, tone their physique or put on more muscle mass. Following this program, along with our nutritional guidance will have massive effects on your body composition and help you achieve the muscle build goals you’re chasing.


If you want to be able to push for longer, protect your body from injury this is the program is for you. Focus is on muscular endurance to allow you to build a fantastic strength base to support life and the sport you play, or take part in.


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