WOW – what a 3 weeks that was! We can safely say that despite the strange circumstances that was one of our favourite CrossFit Opens to date which is entirely down to you, our community.

It’s so fantastic to see so many of you getting involved and making the most of what turned out to be some super fun workouts.

Anyway, we’ve put together a few of our favourite moments and awards below, but mostly we wanted to say a truly huge thank you to everyone, the DISTRICT community is one of a kind and we can’t wait to see you in the gym soon 🙂

Couple Goals Award – Guido and Lau

Best Supporter Award – Jon Marshall (and his red wine)

Most Enthusiastic Participant and Supporter – Coach Tam (the Team Fran motivator!)

Moment of The Open – The garage take over!

Best Newcomers – Jo Hollingworth and Mike hayers

Spirit of The Open  – Andrew Vaughan-Williams and Andrea Ttofa & Sobia Aslam

Most Dramatic Mid-WOD Facial Expressions – Joseph Pearson 21.1

Super Mum award – Fernanda Haaz

Honourable Mentions:

Fred Fullman for using full kit as much as possible and making life even harder for himself

Luke fletcher for a dominant 21.1

Charlotte Cowley, Jess Edwards, Simone Hutsch and Tonya Donaldson for beating their partners hands down!

And congratulations to all of you who completed your very first Open!

Shane Drinkwater

Dani Dalmasso

Victor Gibson

Lizzie Potter

Emily Robinson

Andrew Vaughan-williams

Christopher Foulkes

Vanesa Gallastegui

Holly Tucker

Mike Hayers

Guido Jiménez

Terrance De Beer

Olivia Heasman

Jo Hollingworth

Sally-Anne Goodman

Lau Rosich