The lockdown has finally been lifted!

I’m sure you are as happy as I am about being back in the gym surrounded by people you haven’t seen for months, doing something you love. We did as much as we possibly could to keep you fit, healthy and entertained during the last 4 months but nothing feels better than being back in a space with actual human beings talking, laughing and training!

Lockdown gave us the opportunity to connect with other members who we might have never met, it taught us that household goods like backpacks, bottles of washing detergent and random logs in the park (Sam) can be used as equipment and most importantly that we can use the internet to stay connected, stay healthy and do fitness no matter what the world throws at us as a team.

Here’s the thing, for most of us have been training alone on Zoom and coming back to the gym has been great but getting back into a routine while things still aren’t quiet back to normal can be difficult. Sometimes those DOMS set in and motivation can be low, maybe you look at your goals and those too have been put on hold or changed because of the current climate. IT’S OKAY. We are all in the same situation. Believe me no one planned for this and there is beauty in that. Our lives have been turned upside and instead of looking at all these things in a negative light make them positive. This gives us a new opportunity to relearn and rewire the way we do and think about functional fitness. Exploring different avenues while creating a healthy environment around fitness is the most exciting part.

Now is the time to set new goals, work on those certain things you may be neglected before and JUST HAVE FUN. Finding it difficult to find that motivation? Find a fitness friend and keep each other accountable.

Set goals together. Train together. Struggling with nutrition because now that you’re back to training you have become a ravenous beast? That’s completely normal, talk to one of your coaches and ASK QUESTIONS.

Finding yourself overtraining? JUST DON’T. Competitions won’t be around for a while, take the time to build a solid foundation, build strength and then capacity and your body will love you for it. Right now it’s you vs you. Prioritise yourself, respect your body and find that balance. We aren’t sure how long this is going to go on for but all we know is that, now is the time more than ever, to start making a conscious effort to start building healthy habits, a solid foundation and respect your time. Be present, positive and challenge yourself. You are never too old to make a change and learn new things and this pandemic has certainly taught us that. We are here to educate you. We are here to support and encourage you.

We are here to make you fitter at life. WE ARE DISTRICT.