We would love to invite you down to DISTRICT for a free trial; the best way to know if CrossFit is for you is to immerse yourself in what we have to offer. After your free trial, we’ll guide you through the basics step-by-step in class, and ensure that you feel completely comfortable along the way.

Choose either our Wandsworth or Battersea box below and we’ll see you soon!



First Steps

Our coaches will take you through all the basics of training with DISTRICT, one step at a time, through our Foundations sessions. We don't let anyone feel left behind and will take things at your pace. Our Foundations courses allow you to transition smoothly into classes and feel confident with all movements and exercises from the off.

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A Fitness Community

When you sign up with DISTRICT you're joining a family. The social aspect, meeting like minded people, is key to what we stand for at DISTRICT. We want to improve peoples lives and impact as many people positively as we can. We also regularly put on social events for our members, to keep our community vibrant and help support one another.

A Holistic Approach to Fitness

At DISTRICT, it's not just about the workout. At the end of every session we make sure that you warm-down correctly to help reduce the likelihood of injury and leave you feeling fulfilled. We also offer nutritional advice so that you can keep striving to reach your goals outside of the box.

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Come On In!

If that all sounds appealing, we would love to invite you down to DISTRICT for a free trial. Just follow the link below and choose the box that suits you best!