Getting the most out of our return to the gym! A genuine love story!

So we are back! We have access to the rig, barbells and kettlebells, the possibilities are endless! We also have plenty of time to get back into the swing of things. The next few weeks the programming is designed to get you back into things in the right way. We are exposing you to all the movements you have been missing out on but making sure the volume and intensity are right for our long-awaited return to the gym.

So what can we do to get the most out of your training? The things detailed below will apply to most of us and if we follow these steps we are setting ourselves up for long term success and health.

  • Don’t try to cram every single thing into the first few weeks. Yes we have OLY lifting class straight after CrossFit but that doesn’t mean you have to do both. In fact, later in the week it may be worth resting from one to prioritise the other. Back to back class provide diminishing returns in that we can’t produce maximal power on a ‘clean pull’ for example, if we have just tackled a 25 minute workout. Further down the line lifting under fatigue may have its benefits, but right now we need to go back to basics and think about re-acclimatising our bodies to the stresses of the gym. Training for an hour will release endorphins, spike growth hormone, and help us get fitter and healthier. At this point training for two hours in a row may well increase cortisol (our stress hormone) and wont necessarily lead to greater results. More is not always better.
  • Listen to our bodies. If we are very sore it’s ok to take a rest day. Pre lockdown we may have always only rested Thursday and Sunday. Now things might feel a little different and that’s ok. If everything hurts then take a rest, get sleep, nutrition and recovery sorted and come back later in the week stronger and better equipped to benefit from the workouts we have provided. If any niggles, nagging soreness or unusual aches and pains crop up then reach out for help and don’t ignore them.
  • Prioritise rest and recovery. Similar to the above, we are now back and maybe working at a higher intensity than we have for six months. The late nights, those extra drinks or sweet treats might not cut it if we want to get the most out of our week of training and best recovery.
  • Think longevity. We have plenty of time to get back into the best condition of our lives. The first few weeks back in the gym don’t have to be a 100% all out sprint towards our goals. Take small steps, gradually step things up again. Add load, intensity, and more sessions as your body begins to adapt. We will all be a lot happier if in 6 months we are 90% there, than if we breakdown every few weeks and need to take time off.
  • Ask for help. No matter how experienced we are we all have strengths sand weaknesses. As we return to the gym we may find we are struggling with certain aspects of training more than others, and maybe more than pre lockdown. The coaching team is her to help. We can give you some simple things to work on in open gym or at home, provide some PT, or help get your nutrition and recovery back on track. Whatever is holding you back we would love to help, we are here for that exact reason.

All in all it’s been amazing to be back, so great to see everyone’s faces and start tackling some spicy WODs together. Let’s set ourselves up for success and being back at the gym for the long term. I for one can’t wait to see all the amazing things you achieve in 2021 and beyond!

Coach Simon