2021 promises big things, it’s time you did too.


We’re leaving behind a year of uncertainty, disruption and chaos and welcoming a year of new opportunities and excitement. And you know what? We’re ready for it and we want you to be too. To do so, it’s time you set some big and bold goals. Goals that will carry you through 2021, helping you learn, achieve and excel in the 4 walls of our boxes (or on our screens in some cases).


So, how do you go about setting goals to get after?


  • Start with your big goal. This should be one that takes time, commitment and some serious sticking to. It doesn’t have to be something you even want to achieve this year, it could be more long term than that. Go big, be bold. 
  • Break that big goal down into a series of shorter goals. To achieve big, we have to look at the bigger picture and no goal is achieved without a series of steps. We suggest between 5-10 smaller goals, pieces of the puzzle that make up the biggen. 
  • Create a timeline. Jot down a few dates that align with each of your smaller goals, and a rough date for when you’d like to achieve your big, bold one. We’d suggest popping these on your phone, or in the front of your notepad. That way you have them with you, whenever you need to check-in. You can also tick them off as you pass each milestone. 


Reminders when goal setting…


  • Be kind to yourself. There’s no point (especially with the small stuff) setting completely unrealistic timelines and achievements. This is a mission for success, not a series of ways to make you feel not so.
  • Align with your lifestyle. There’s no point setting yourself a goal to run 10 miles three times a week if you know some weeks barriers such as shift work may shut this down. Again, this comes with being kind but also dare we say it, realistic.
  • Write it down. Yep, call us old fashioned but having it written or typed down helps you check-in and stay on track. If we just make mental notes, it’s a lot easier to let yourself down. 
  • Allow yourself a buffer for failure. Sometimes not everything goes to plan, so allow yourself a little buffer. Be that a few extra days, or a few more smaller goals set. You’ll thank us for this one.