“How am I going to stay fit in Quarantine?” 

This thought could naturally come across any fitness enthusiasts’ mind and let’s be honest here, it probably has on several occasions. Other looming thoughts that I have heard voiced out loud include:

“Will I lose all the gains I have made over the last 6 months?”

“How do I stay sane while being stuck at home without access to my happy place, the gym?”

For most of us, the way we have been training and our goals will have all changed completely. And, if they haven’t changed even slightly it is time to reassess. This current situation is unlike any other we have faced; we are isolated from our fitness family and friends, we don’t have our lovely facilities to train in and working out with the same intensity as you would at the box just isn’t happening.

You may be at the point in ‘box withdrawal’ that causes you to reminisce about Fran for instance. If you find yourself day dreaming about your coach setting the timer to countdown from 10 while the music gets louder, rest assured you’re not alone.

But when we are presented with challenges we are also presented with opportunities to grow and develop. Not only physically but mentally as well. We’re forced inside yet pushed outside of our comfort zones. And that’s okay, because now is our chance to get creative and have fun with the tools we’ve got that allow us to train.

So ask yourselves these two basic but fundamental questions.

1. Why do you exercise? 

2. What allows you to enjoy it?

Now let’s try to find ways to replicate that during the lockdown period. Remember, it won’t be the same as training at the box, but we can learn to adapt and remind ourselves that by continuing to workout during this time will allow us to manage stress, fight off illnesses and maintain positive mental health. Remember your bigger yet simplest “why.” 

Four simple things that I do on a daily basis to ensure that I am staying active and positive are:

  1. A morning flow. I try to start the day by completing a few tasks and sticking with a routine, . It starts with making my bed then grabbing a cup of coffee. While I am having my coffee, I start to work through some stretches and plan my 20-30 minute morning flow workout. This session is just about moving. It is a combination of light cardio with some accessory moves and more stretching. It’s all done at low intensity and I have found that this is a really easy way to get me started every morning.
  2. Since lockdown I have re-evaluated why training is important to me and why I am doing it. And it comes down to moving and having something to look forward to every day. I am not too concerned about whether or not I am hitting personal bests, instead I use my training time to remain present, switch off from work and keep my endorphins up. I know it may sound cliche, but I am grateful to be alive and so I plan to act like it. Appreciate your training time, go hard and work hard when you feel like it and when you don’t have the drive to work at that intensity just enjoy moving.
  3. Get creative with the limited equipment you’ve got. Now is a great time to stop worrying about what moves you can’t do at the gym, and focus on what you can do and doing it well. Simple cardio and accessory work are your friends! And it will enable you to return to the gym with a stronger foundation to quickly build on.
  4. Find a virtual workout buddy. I am very lucky that I have all of the DISTRICT community to work with. Taking part in The Home DISTRICT sessions on Zoom, sharing or receiving workouts from members, and comparing results as well as what we enjoyed or disliked about the workout keeps me a bit more accountable and motivated. More importantly, it also provides me with another way to interact with my community.

Just remember guys, “To be creative means to be in love with life.”

Enjoy your training, be imaginative and remember the bigger picture.