I first experienced CrossFit in 2009, and was immediately hooked. CrossFit offers a training programme that targets a general physical preparedness, preparing you for anything that life throws at you.
Throughout my years of coaching I have had members complete tough mudders, triathlons and even marathons with no extra training other than CrossFit. A programme that can prepare you to complete these varied tasks is a program that everyone should be doing.
That being said, my favourite thing about CrossFit is the fact that it is scalable. Any workout can be scaled to meet a person at their level. This means that everyone in the room can do the same workout and train together, maybe just with different loads or adapted movements. This means I am able to train with my parents, new members and experienced CrossFitters at the same time.
Being trusted to lead the community at DISTRICT Wandsworth is something I am very excited about. Having moved back to the UK the community has welcomed my wife and I as one of their own, and made the transition so much easier. I am looking forward to working with the world class coaching team to continue to improve and grow the already amazing community.