Our state of the art Wandsworth facility is located only a stone’s throw from Southside shopping centre. We’ve combined custom equipment with a modern, exquisite finish to bring an individual look, style and feel. At DISTRICT Wandsworth we're committed to providing an outstanding, tailored training experience, one that inspires and educates you to achieve your goals.

  • Daily DISTRICT Training programme
  • Specialty class programmes
  • State of the art equipment
  • Nutrition & PT Sessions
  • A truly unique training space
  • World-Class coaching Team



10 Hardwicks Square,
London, SW18 4JS

07494 077 520

Opening hours
  • Mon–Fri 06:00 – 21:00
  • Sat–Sun 08:00 – 13:00



  • DISTRICT Training,
  • Monthly Workshop,
  • Online Mobility
  • Open Gym

For those of you that are afraid of commitment ;)

This package is designed to allow you to spread your training out across the month, however you see fit. This package allows you access to 9 DISTRICT Training classes per month, but not the Speciality classes.

It is the more flexible of options if you think that you might train five times one week but only twice the week after.

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13 SESSIONS £175

  • DISTRICT Training,
  • Monthly Workshop,
  • Online Mobility
  • Open Gym

This package allows you to follow the same pattern as the 9 session option, but gives you access to 13 DISTRICT Training classes in a month (average of 3 a week).

Again, Speciality classes are not accessible in this package.

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21 SESSIONS £190

  • DISTRICT Training,
  • Monthly Workshop,
  • Online Mobility
  • Open Gym

Do you need a few extra sessions to get your training fix throughout the week?

Our 21 sessions package works out at an average of 5 per week, which is perfect if you're committed to your training but still want an air of flexibility!

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30 SESSIONS (With access to speciality classes) £210

  • DISTRICT Training
  • DISTRICT Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics,
  • Open Gym,
  • Monthly Workshops,
  • Online Mobility

Did someone say, All-Access?

If our DISTRICT Training classes weren’t enough to satisfy your training itch, then perhaps you need access to all the classes the gym has to offer. Now some people might call you greedy but when there are so many areas of training to perfect, why wouldn’t you take advantage of our speciality classes?

Gymnastics and our extensive DISTRICT Weightlifting programme are both covered in this package.

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Our classes are fun, inspiring and empowering, led by the very best coaching team around. Each class is designed to help and educate you on the way to reaching your fitness goals, to build a strong and sustainable body.


Our goal based training programme, allowing you to train towards your own specific goals within a group environment.

DISTRICT Weightlifting Programme

Our meticulous Olympic Weightlifting programme focuses on improving your technique in some of the more complex Metcon movements; the snatch and the clean & jerk.


This class will focus on teaching you core gymnastic skills and giving you guided practice to bring you closer to efficient gymnastic movements.

Personal Training

Our personal training classes are designed to help you push that little bit harder towards your training targets. Our team of expert coaches will be with you every step of the way.


Put your trust in our unbelievable team of highly qualified and experienced coaches, and let them educate, guide and inspire you on your fitness journey!

Joe Pearson
Misha Ramirez
Simon Walter
James Vernau


Awesome coaches! Best CrossFit facility to train in South London if you want to do some serious work!

— Laura

I tried out one of the DISTRICT taster sessions and instantly thought “this is the place for me”!

— Emily Spence

Amazing coaches and athletes make this an awesome environment to train and gain in. All inclusive and lots of laughs along the way. Top box!

— Jenny Rhodes