Member Name: Emily Spence

Gym: DISTRICT Wandsworth

Member for: 2 years

Age: 28

Joined DISTRICT Because: Emily was a member of regular commercial gyms but found herself in need of a fresh challenge, and the desire to learn new skills!

Emily joined DISTRICT 2 years ago as a CrossFit beginner and has immersed herself fully in what we have to offer. She came here wanting to learn new skills and gain confidence around Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics. She has since learned to efficiently lift heavier weights and recently got her ring muscle-ups which is so, so awesome. Emily continues to impress and is an awesome member of the DISTRICT community!

Hear from Emily: “I first came across DISTRICT Wandsworth nearly two years ago when I moved to London. Having moved around from various commercial gyms I was looking for a different type of fitness that would challenge me as well as having a place were I could feel a part of a community. With that said, I tried out one of the DISTRICT taster sessions and instantly thought “this is the place for me”. CrossFit has always intrigued me as it catered for my love of gymnastics and also gave me a chance to learn how to lift a barbell properly -something that I would always shy away from in a normal gym. 


I thought that as you become older it would be incredibly difficult to master both new and complex skills that appear in many CrossFit WODs. I was proved wrong! Week by week I have learned or developed a new skill through attending both regular CrossFit classes and signing up to DISTRICT’s specialty classes such as gymnastics, weightlifting and skills. Now I am able to string together some double-unders (from time to time!), increased my confidence and technique in Olympic Lifting and more recently I have learned how to master a ring muscle up. 
As the coaches continually say – “Hard Work Pays Off”

Keep up the awesome work, Emily – and stay tuned for some more DISTRICT member features!