How your training looks in the New Year

Over the course of the first 10 days of reopening, we will look at incorporating a RELOAD phase, to help members adjust back into a more intense style of training (with heavier loading, increase technical movements etc.). These 10 days will focus on being able to auto-regulate some of the loading yourself, based on feel etc. We understand some members have had access to kit and been able to maintain a decent standard of training, whilst others have had limited kit, therefore having to adapt their usual training style more so.

The intensity levels of the workouts will be gradual, so at the end of the 10-day period the work will become progressively harder. This will from a loading, technical and/or intensity perspective. The idea of this phase is to allow our bodies and central nervous system to adapt back into specific movement patterns that we may not have been able to perform, as different loads and/or different intensities/complexities. Please use these 10 days as a time to adjust and analyse your focuses within your specific pathways and don’t be too fixated on the numbers, times, etc. Be reflective and be smart.

Moving past this RELOAD phase, we will build into the new year. This will entail just keeping our strength levels sustained, whilst improving our gymnastic skills – through standalone strength and endurance and varying the metabolic conditioning elements, to keep the aerobic and anaerobic systems sharp. Getting consistency back into our training is a key focus.
Then going further into 2021, we will be full steam ahead towards the Open!