Welcome to a new cycle of CrossFit programming at DISTRICT Wandsworth! We’re fresh out of one of our best CrossFit Open’s yet and we’re buzzing to bring you some insight into our plans for the next six weeks.

The first 6 weeks out of The Open will have 3 main focuses:

⁃            building foundational strength

⁃            Improving aerobic capacity

⁃            Improving baseline gymnastic strength.

Strength focus – We will squat weekly, then deadlift and strict press as our other strength element in alternating weeks. This should provide us with a solid base going forward. Think about this as the foundations of our building and the key to lifting more and pushing harder in WOD’s

Towards the end of the cycle we will test max back squat, strict press, and DL. There will be plenty of FR squat and OHS throughout the 6 weeks. If we had to pick one main focus it would be the squat. This doesn’t mean we will neglect the other foundational lifts.

Gymnastics focus – We will hit pull ups weekly and HSPU’s every other week with another press (push up, dip, DB press alternated in). TTB will also be included in WOD’s. Overall we are trying to improve our baseline pulling and pressing strength.

Capacity focus – as we are focusing quite heavily on strength you may see a slight leaning towards longer duration and multiple movement style metcons. Rather than short, heavy, intense wods. This means the shorter wods will be around 7-8 mins and once per week we will have something 20 plus.

Oly focus in class – We will clean and snatch alternating weeks in the skill element of the class. As well as hit these in wods. Our main focus on both these movements will be getting used to all 3 positions (high hang, hang, full) and there will be plenty of time to practice. Wods will include some OH Oly work as well.

Skills focus – we will be incorporating skills within the programme throughout. The Sunday skills session will be something in class for the coming week. This means this class can really help accelerate the acquisition of these skills.

Cardio club – this class will continue to run twice per week and will be focused on true engine building. We will be pushing distances, paces, and work duration throughout the next phase to help you come out the other side with a hugely improved capacity on the machines.

Speciality classes – These classes will compliment all of the above and provide that extra level of detail for your Oly or gymnastics.