Do you remember your first WOD with us or the one that got you hooked?

There was a deadlift/pullup combo work out when i first started where we loaded up to 1RM on the deadlift bar and I lifted 140 – which was the most I had ever done without straps and in the same session I also got the hang of kipping and I thought “wow, i’d never have done that on my own at the gym – and this is a much more fun way to do it too”.

What’s your favourite workout of movement?

Tough one – I love the olympic lifts because I cant use my usual approach of “brute force and ignorance” – they take proper skill and technique and it’s great getting ever-so-slightly better each time you try them… and also humbling watching people who are good at them and just how much weight they can move!But also if you’d told me when I first walked in to District in August, that I’d learn to do a handstand push-up at 38  I would have laughed in your face… but here we are – 63 of the buggers in last Tuesday’s WOD

Next on the list to try and crack is the elusive Muscle-Up!

How have you found being part of the DISTRICT Community since you joined us?

I’ll be honest… the thing that I was most nervous about when I first started was that it was going to be really “Chad-and-brad” / “Bro’s-ville” – but nothing could be further from the truth!  Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming and the sense of support in every single work out is just really cool – again, I thought it would be a bit cringe – you don’t wander around the gym cheering people through their reps but here it just works (and is always appreciated!)

What’s the biggest thing that keeps you coming to class?

Watching everyone, me included (I hope!) get just that little bit better each time. And, of course, the free “comedy hour” whenever you’re in a class with Andi (Andrea)!