Huge congratulations to our Wandsworth Member of the Month, Zuki! We caught up with Zuki to get his thoughts on a few matters…

What was your first WOD with us, or the one that got you hooked on CrossFit?

“It was workout 3 of The Reopen (which I think was cleans & burpees) which humbled the crap out of me and made me realise that lockdown had made me very very lazy “

What’s your favourite workout or movement?

“Kipping dumbbell bicep curls (some people call them ‘hang cleans’ but come on guys let’s just call a spade a spade)”

How have you found being part of the DISTRICT community since joining?

“I’ve loved it! It feels like I’ve been a member for years, and I always enjoy the invites for coffee or brunch or beers after class! I like that people are very encouraging of one another’s health & fitness journeys, however different they may be.”

What’s the biggest thing that keeps you coming to class?

“I have a real competitive streak so I’m motivated to learn new movements and get better at the ones I can do. When I get my ass kicked by a workout it makes me especially hungry to come back stronger! There’s just always something to work on and improve.”
Thanks Zuki, and congrats again!