Have you always hated running? Are you looking to get back into or improve your running? We've got the programme for you!

'Start to Run' is a running programme designed to get you fit, active, moving and loving your training!

  • 3 x a week programming
  • Daily WhatsApp support with your coach
  • Online group support with other runners
  • Weekly Zoom meetings with your coach
  • Educational pieces and online webinars

Expert Coaching

Our 'Start to Run' lead coach John Maxwell is an experienced runner with the tools and knowledge needed to help you maximise your potential and hit your goals!

Varied programming to provide a holistic experience!

Our 3 x a week programming includes running, mobility work and a strength piece that is designed to keep you engaged and motivated throughout your training.

Tried and tested!

With many participants already engaging in our DISTRICT Running programmes we know what works! Put your trust in us and we guarantee you'll be exercising with a smile on your face in no time!

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