Goal Setting in 2020

Goal Setting in 2020 2020 most certainly wasn’t what we wished for. It’s been a bit stop-start, and meant for a lot of us big goals have been...

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“The Importance of Warming Up at Home!”

Hey guys! When I’m planning a training session, I always put just as much thought into my warm up as my main session. This is not to mean...

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“How am I going to stay fit in quarantine?”

“How am I going to stay fit in Quarantine?”  This thought could naturally come across any fitness enthusiasts’ mind and let’s be honest here, it probably has on several occasions. Other...

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Andy McTaggart – What Makes a Good Coach?

WHAT MAKES A GOOD COACH? I often get asked what makes a good coach or personal trainer. In my opinion there are such a vast array of characteristics...

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Joe Pearson – What is CrossFit to you?

I first experienced CrossFit in 2009, and was immediately hooked. CrossFit offers a training programme that targets a general physical preparedness, preparing you for anything that life throws...

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Member Stories – Emily Spence

Member Name: Emily Spence Gym: DISTRICT Wandsworth Member for: 2 years Age: 28 Joined DISTRICT Because: Emily was a member of regular commercial gyms but found herself in need of a...

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David O’Mahoney – Thriving in the Face of Adversity

In this episode of the pod, we get deep with our guest David O’Mahoney, who suffered a severe brain injury whilst serving in the military in 2011. Despite...

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The DISTRICT Digest E02

The second episode of our monthly catch up and insight into the goings-on at DISTRICT!

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Rambling with Purpose – E01

The Challenges, Rewards & Dramas Behind Starting Your Own Business: Welcome to the first episode of Rambling with Purpose! In this episode of the pod, you’ll get a...

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