On Saturday 26th October, team DISTRICT took on the Chiltern Challenge, covering 50km of the famous route Chilterns countryside. Safe to say it was a success all round, with members and founders tackling the tough distance like the champions they are!


The Race: https://ultrachallenge.com/chiltern-50/


Who ran: Olivier Parent (17th place), Sam Burgess, Jack England, Ben Svendsen (old head coach), Leo Telles, Tom Mullan


We asked our runners a few questions about what taking on such a challenge as a community meant to them, and why it helped them leg it over the line.


– How did doing it as a team help?


Oliver: It helped so much, specifically since I was super nervous the day before. Even if I kept telling myself it was just an adventure thinking on my own about it was making me nervous. The minute we all gathered in front of Decathlon all of this was gone because it then looked more like a fun adventure we were sharing as a group!


Jack: Yes, especially as it was my first one. It’s good to know you’re all doing the training etc before too.


– Would you do another?


Sam: Oh yes!

Tom: I’m warming to it …


– The best part of the training journey?


Jack:  The run we did with Ben that was essentially a route recce was very enjoyable!

Ollie: My Sunday long runs always finish in Richmond riverside with a cake and recovery drink. I found building this kind of routine really helpful.

I loved those moments during the race when you re-think about the specific moment of your training. It was really quite rewarding!


The only question left now is ‘What next?’. Over to you members!