Joe Pearson

Head Coach

Joe is our Head Coach at Wandsworth and brings a wealth of experience to the Team having worked in the CrossFit world for over a decade.

Joe joined us in December 2019 after moving back from Dubai where he had been coaching for years. Joe is also a member of the CrossFit Seminar Staff and has travelled the world teaching CrossFit Level 1 seminars to people.

On top of this, Joe has his CF L3, CF Gymnastics, CF Olympic Weightlifting and CF Kids qualifications. Joe talks extremely passionately about health, fitness and nutrition and the role it plays in positively impacting people's lives.

Misha Ramirez

Coach & General Manager

Coach Misha is also our General Manager at Wandsworth. She has been doing CrossFit since 2012 and has a host of qualifications that include; MSc Biotechnology, CrossFit L2, CF Weightlifting, CF Endurance, CF Aerobic capacity, CF Mobility, and CF Kids. Misha also ran the first ladies-only gym in the Middle East, in Dubai!

Misha has competed at the regional level in CrossFit and took part in 2014 in Asia, and the same in 2016 in Europe. Having graduated as an engineer in Biotechnology in 2012, she has worked in gyms across the world before settling in London, which has given her the opportunity to meet people from all cultures and impact those from all around the world.

Misha is partial to a bit of ‘Fran’ and ‘Murph’ and says her father has always been her role model through life. Through CrossFit, Misha says she has become healthier and fitter than ever before, and it has taught her the essence of hard work, improvement and the benefits that come from those traits.

CF-L2, Aerobic Capacity Certificate, Endurance Trainer, Gymnastics Certificate, Kids Trainer, Lesson Planning Certificate, Weightlifting Certificate, CrossFit Anatomy Certificate, Scaling Certificate

Simon Walter


Simon is a Coach at Wandsworth and has been coaching CrossFit in both the UK and USA since 2011. He has a background in gymnastics and competed in rowing and swimming through school and college. He is a CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Gymnastics and Concept 2 certified trainer. Simon says CrossFit has allowed him to improve and maintain his fitness and health holistically and allows for further longevity.

In his own time, he loves to tackle ‘Cindy’, ‘The Chief’ and ‘Fight Gone Bad’ – just don’t ask him to do any thrusters! Simon takes huge pride in his coaching journey, and how it can help and benefit others. His personal achievements revolve mostly around the positive journeys of others and helping them become active, mobile and gain confidence in themselves. Michael Jordan, Gary Lineker, and Steve Redgrave make up his list of idols and he calls himself lucky to be a part of such a diverse, accepting and supportive cities in the world – London.


CF-L2, CF Gymnastics, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, BSc Sport Science, MSc, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

James Vernau

Coach & Head of Programming

Coach James is also our Head of Programming and is known by some as ‘The Professor’ – for his meticulous planning and never-ending list of qualifications! James has an extensive background in sports, he used to compete on the track before getting into CrossFit whilst working in Australia. He competed and started coaching at this time, and with a Masters in Strength and Conditioning he has a lot of knowledge to share - his achievements in education are definitely worth talking to him about!

James loves a gassy, long chipper WOD that he can get stuck into – usually without breaking a sweat – and he dedicates his commitment to the industry to his parents, for teaching him about work, life and determination. James loves London, despite the questionable weather, and will tell anyone who listens how huge the benefits a CrossFit community can have on people are!


MSc Strength and Conditioning, BSc Sports Science & Performance, CF-L1, BWL, EXOS XPS, Sports Massage L3