The Open – what actually is it?

The CrossFit Open is the biggest participatory sporting event in the world. Every CrossFit gym in the world can take part in the Open which is amazing and we don’t want you all to miss out on the fun!

Team DISTRICT will use the Open to help guide the upcoming programming. For example, if the community as a whole is struggling with pull-ups, then the trainers can work on bringing up that skill in the gym’s community.

DISTRICTS ‘Battle of the BOXES’ event this year proved all it takes is a little competition to really bring out the best in you. This year our community has shown its strength and resilience, and the healthy competition of the CrossFit Open will help solidify your commitment to achieving your goals this coming year.

Finally, consider the Open as simply a test of fitness. DISTRICT, and gym communities around the world, have had a difficult year. At DISTRICT we made the very best of a tricky situation and these workouts will show us where our current fitness levels lie, and how to plan moving forward.

The Open can be the catalyst you never knew you needed to get you back on track at the gym in 2021, but most importantly, it’s a LOT of fun!

When is it and how do I sign up?

This years CrossFit Open will run 11th-29th March.

Workouts are released on the Thursday, and you will have until the Monday evening to submit your scores.

Registration starts on 7th January 2021. To sign up for the 2021 CrossFit Open you can use the link below: (open registration begins 7.01.21)

Keep an eye out for more information and build-up from us over the next few months, including some of our favourite previous Open workouts dropped into the programming!

Got a question about the Open, or how to get involved? Drop Joe an email: