Hey guys!

When I’m planning a training session, I always put just as much thought into my warm up as my main session. This is not to mean that my warm up will last the same duration as my session or even half the time, but a good 10-15 mins to focus on the key muscles and movement patterns that will be used within the main session can bring a range of benefits both physically and mentally.

But there’s no need to get too meticulous with it. Think of it from performing simple pulse raising exercises to get the blood flowing, to gradually increasing the exercise complexity to smoothly lead into your main session.

And even while we are all quarantining, we are still training so we should still be warming up effectively!

Take in mind this simple method to plan your warm up’s:

R – Raise – increasing the body/tissue temperature (simple cardio-based movements)

A – Activate – waking up the key muscles which will be used in the session (midline, glutes etc.)

M – Mobilise – grease up the key joints, work the range of motion in key movement patterns (lunges, crawls etc.)

P – Potentiate – prime the key movement patterns and get the CNS firing! (squat jumps, barbell prep etc.)


Here is a brief generic example of how you could structure your warm up:


  • 5mins steady state cardio or yoga flow


  • Single Leg Glute Bridge – 1 x 10/10
  • Side Plank rotations – 1 x 10/10


  • Lateral Lunges – 1 x 8/8
  • Down Dog to Yoga Push Up – 1 x 6
  • World’s Greatest Stretch – 1 x 6/6


  • Jump Squats – 3 x 3 *reset each rep – focus on maximal intent


  • Sprints – 3 x 10m – increasing pace

So next time you go to train, take that bit more time to warm up and it will do you wonders in the long run!

Just a take-home: If you train 4 times a week for 60mins and add on 15mins for a decent warm up beforehand, that equates to an extra hour a week of training in the bank 😉