So let me get this straight… No carbs after 6? Are fats bad or good these days? I only need protein to build muscle? Fat makes me fat? Or skinny? Or sleepy? … It’s no wonder people are confused! So let’s set a few things straight, not talk about opinion or popular ideas. Let’s look at the science and see if we can demystify macros once and for all.

Firstly, what are Macros? (Macronutrients). They are the 3 main food groups.

Proteins – mainly found in meat, fish, beans, nuts and seeds. Proteins are essential for repairing, building and maintaining muscle but also help us feel fuller for longer. They regulate and support many of the bodies functions.

Carbs – we are talking about pasta, potatoes, bread, and all veggies… yes all veggies and fruits are carbs. Not only do carbs provide our main source of energy (yes, it’s scientifically proven that the bodies best source of fuel is carbohydrates) but they also provide a large amount of our vitamins and minerals. Think vitamin B, C, iron, potassium, the list goes on.

Fats – found in nuts and seeds, oils, meat and fish, avocados, and so on. Fats are hugely responsible for the absorption of other vitamins, like A, D, E, and K. Fats also support brain function, insulate our organs, and can provide energy. Yes fats are essential!

Now when we look at all the above we can see something very clear. Proteins are essential, they feed our muscles, help us feel fuller for longer, and help us restore and repair. I don’t know about you, but I’m happier when I’m not hungry.

Carbs give us energy, provide a multitude of vitamins and minerals, brighten our plates, add flavour and variety, and keep us going throughout the day.

Fats help both the above do their job, as well as provide vital insulation for organs. Essentially they feed the brain and clear that fog.

I think we can clearly see that over restricting any of the above macros can be a bad idea. Having a healthy balanced diet means we need protein, carbs, and fats. Having a healthy balanced diet means providing the body with everything it needs on a daily basis and letting the food going into our body do the job it is supposed to.

We can argue all day long about exactly how much of each macronutrient we need, but ultimately, we need all three! We can listen to those who ask us to restrict one macro in favour of another but eventually we will suffer. The above are some of the simple functions of each macro, now imagine that I can list another 20 positive things each one does for the body and ask yourself this simple question… should I eat all 3 macros? The misinformation, pseudoscience, and fad diets out there can never compete with the facts. All macros are good, no macros are bad. Cook fresh food including all three Marcos, feel energised, have clarity of mind, and allow the body to refuel and repair.

The misleading macro merry go round is the fair ground ride you don’t need to go on. It’s not fun, you won’t get your monies worth and you will end up feeling sick. Keep it simple and balanced and eat some of everything!

Coach Simon