As we move ever closer to reopening (I know, we might seem slightly excited…) we thought it was time to find out what our beloved coaches have been up to during lockdown – when they’re not in front of you on the small screens!


Simon has continued his daily rehab on his knee injury whilst experimenting and researching on new Strength training splits. He has focused on implementing  daily mindfulness practices and improvement of sleep hygiene. Simon has also worked hard to develop his coaching by taking the Opex CCP course along with the Opex functional bodybuilding seminar and Opex Programming seminar.


During this lockdown, I have been reading lots of fiction books, the most fascinating so far is “My dark Vanessa” by Kate Elizabeth Russell. I have also been watching classic movies which I had never seen, my favourite was Casablanca and La Piscine. 

Fitness wise, I finished the book “The language of coaching” by Nick Winkleman and an Eric Cressey Shoulder course, I’ve got a lot of material for when I go back to coaching in person at the gym! 

One good habit that I had wanted to implement was to log off Instagram for 24hours. I am now doing that from Friday 6.30pm to Saturday 6.30pm weekly! I invite you to join me and see how you feel! 


Lauren has been keeping up with coursework for her degree in Sport & Exercise Science. She has kept busy with some reading (enjoyed Where the Crawdads Sing) & a lot of kitchen-based training on the whole!


I have been working on my small business called The Oat Society producing Toast Oat Butters, working on my fitness as most of you would have seen me being regular in the DB Club and Cardio Club as well as expanding my knowledge on movement and flexibility to bring the best mobility sessions every Sunday accompanied by the ultimate “Yogi” playlist.
I have also been working closely with member Andrew over the last 2.5 months helping him build healthy habits, understanding his nutrition needs and focusing on getting lean and fit for the Open and I am EXTREMELY PROUD to report that he has lost a whopping 12.3kg and says “Starting to really feel super fit at the moment and really noticing the difference. I have to say it’s really changed my eating habits. I really feel like I’m crushing the WOD’s.”
This has definitely been a massive highlight of my lockdown 3.0. 


Joe has been working towards completing a course with Active Life Professional, aimed at bridging the gap between Personal Training and Physiotherapy. Alongside developing his coaching skills, Joe has been hard at work training his puppy Gus to be a fully fledged good boy!


This lockdown and start of 2021 has been a busy one. I’ve been growing my coaching business and doing lots of learning along the way. As a (cough, cough) retired dancer, movement has always been a big part of my life, so learning how I can use movement to fix problem areas has been an ongoing discovery and practise that I’m diving deeper into.
Training has been up and down (I’ll be honest) but I have been working on the little things after having surgery last year and it’s been nice to slow down again. I’ve been mastering the art of Roast Potatoes and feel like my combo of goose and bacon fat is a winner (sorry vegans). Not to mention my acrylic art masterpieces. I’m excited to get back into the gym, with new knowledge to share with everyone and get back into doing what we do best: MOVE!


I’ve been spending my lockdown becoming best friends with the assault bike and walking the breadth of London trying every flat white I can find…


Misha has been studying for her CrossFit level 3 (CCFT), a qualification that is held by less than 1% of trainers worldwide. Along with this she has been reading and learning more about training adaptive athletes.


My wife Gen and I succumbed to the lockdown puppy life and got ourselves a Doberman cross Labrador. Our six month old puppy is now 20kg and quickly growing into a monster. I have also been putting our members through their paces with our CARDIO CLUB sessions! You can catch me on Thursday’s at 7pm.