Functional fitness training, essentially, means a type of training designed to benefit you in all aspects of your daily life, keeping you fit and healthy and also help reduce your risk of chronic disease. This approach to fitness, when combined with good nutrition and lifestyle choices, will allow you to stay sustainably fit and healthy throughout your day-to-day life.

The Workouts

DISTRICT Training is designed to be always varied and beneficial to your overall fitness progression. Our workouts are meticulously designed and planned based around your own goals, with every movement or rep scheme having the ability to be scaled down to suit all levels of ability.

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The Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of exercise, good nutrition, and good lifestyle choices. When combined you are heading towards a healthy existence and this can also help to combat chronic disease later in life.

The Community

At DISTRICT we provide infectious training environments and unbelievable support networks. We host monthly seminars, free to all members with an active membership, plus regular social events and skills classes.

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