‘HIT’ versus ‘HIIT’ training – what’s the difference?

What is HIT training? HIT stands for High-Intensity Training, which is not to be confused with ‘HIIT’, which is an acronym for ‘High-Intensity Interval Training’. People often confuse...

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Accessory work – what actually is it?

What is Accessory Work? Accessory exercises, sometimes referred to as secondary exercises, generally follow on from the so-called ‘primary’ or ‘compound’ exercises. They often allow you to focus...

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Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat? In our boxes, Halloween is all about sweaty sessions and serious commitment to the cause. We had superheroes, scary sandwiches and skeletons for days. No...

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Functional Training: The Who, What, Where, and Why?

As most of you are aware functional training or functional fitness has become a popular buzz word in the fitness industry. But what is it? Are you currently...

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Team DISTRICT x The Chiltern Challenge

On Saturday 26th October, team DISTRICT took on the Chiltern Challenge, covering 50km of the famous route Chilterns countryside. Safe to say it was a success all round,...

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Mobility – How Important Is It?

Mobility is the ability to move through a range of motion, or movement, showing control throughout the effort. This is not to be confused with flexibility, a passive...

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‘Damn Good’ Flapjacks!

There’s plenty of promising protein recipes out there, but without trying them you just don’t know. This one, however, has been tried and tested by our team and...

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DISTRICT Battersea Open Gym Times

Hey Team, in order to give you maximum opportunities to get maximum gainz, we are increasing our Open Gym schedule at Battersea to include the following spots. You’ll...

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Running Races Making a 2020 Comeback

Spent a chunk of lockdown laced up and (virtually) racing the roads? Well, you’ll be glad to know real races are making a comeback and we could not...

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