What have our coaches been up to during lockdown?

As we move ever closer to reopening (I know, we might seem slightly excited…) we thought it was time to find out what our beloved coaches have been...

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Our Favourite Podcasts

For CrossFit Newbies give this a listen For those thinking about the 2021 season, try this For those looking to change their game, give this a listen For...

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Goal Setting in 2021

2021 promises big things, it’s time you did too.   We’re leaving behind a year of uncertainty, disruption and chaos and welcoming a year of new opportunities and...

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New Reload Phase

How your training looks in the New Year Over the course of the first 10 days of reopening, we will look at incorporating a RELOAD phase, to help...

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The CrossFit Open – What Actually Is It?

The Open – what actually is it? The CrossFit Open is the biggest participatory sporting event in the world. Every CrossFit gym in the world can take part...

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Christmas Hours

Christmas is creeping up, and we want to make sure you’re clear on when we’re at the DISTRICT boxes, and when we’re spending time scoffing Selection boxes. Don’t...

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Row For Autism

Row For Autism Event When Sunday December 13th at DISTRICT Wandsworth, 11:30am but available to all members. You need to find a partner and both sign up via...

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DISTRICT Training – Reload & Maintenance Phase

Reload & Maintenance Phase Over the course of the next 10 days, we will look at incorporating a RELOAD phase, to help members adjust back into a more...

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Goal Setting in 2020

Goal Setting in 2020 2020 most certainly wasn’t what we wished for. It’s been a bit stop-start, and meant for a lot of us big goals have been...

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